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How to Build a Brand Better than the Rest: Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists

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Build and Maintain a Successful Business 

Marketing yourself as a hair stylist or makeup artist can be difficult; especially if you don’t have the skills or knowledge to create successful marketing strategies in today’s competitive marketplace. You have to know how to build a brand and make yourself stand out from the crowd by showing clients why you’re better than the rest. This is a step-by-step guide to help you create unique and effective marketing campaigns as a hair stylist and/or makeup artist.



Step 1: Design an online portfolio

Collect the best examples of your work and bring them together in one place. You can use pictures of your work, videos, and reviews from past clients. Once you have your best samples collected, it’s time to start networking!

Step 2: Social media is king

Effectively promoting yourself as a stylist or makeup artist through various social media networks is absolutely essential when building your clientele. Platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and google+ allow you to reach a mass amount of potential clients with a few clicks of the mouse. Create professional or business pages on each one of these services, upload your portfolio, add people to your lists, and start creating your brand. Make sure you update your posts frequently and stay connected with your communities. Building relationships is key.

Step 3: Start a Website/Blog

Blogging has quickly become one of the best ways to market yourself, especially in the beauty industry. Blogging platforms such as blogger and tumblr allow you to start you own blog in minutes…and for FREE! You can ask all of your followers from your social media networks to follow your blog once it’s up and running. You can update your blog with coupons, group deals, salon updates, and examples of your most recent work. This is a great way to keep your name at the top of client’s lists and stand out from the crowd.

Step 4: Building Clientele

Make sure to keep a list of your clients so you can send them thank you cards after appointments, or send special coupons on holidays to everyone on your client list. People like to know they are appreciated and they will return the favor by making you their go-to stylist. Your clients are not only looking for a good stylist or makeup artist, they want to know you are dependable and trustworthy. Always make your clients a priority and let them know you will be there when they need you.
Step 5: Creating ‘Word-of-Mouth’

Word of mouth is the best advertising you can create for your business. People talk…a lot. When they find an awesome salon that has a great atmosphere and excellent service they are going to tell everyone they know about their experience. This starts to create a domino effect and pretty soon you have an appointment book that is filled weeks in advance.

Step 6: How to Maintain

So, knowing how to build a brand as the best hair stylist and makeup artist in town can be really exhausting. Make sure you don’t crash and burn. Take care of yourself; this should always be your first priority. Give yourself permission to take a relaxing bath or treat yourself to a spa day when you need one. Successfully marketing yourself and building clientele takes constant and consistent effort; it’s not a sprint but a marathon. Just make sure you always have enough fuel stocked up to keep going.