Oscar hairstyle trends

Michael Boychuck Talks Hairstyle Trends Oscars 2016

Michael Boychuck Talks Hairstyle Trends for the Oscars

Oscar Awards 2016

Award show season is the perfect time to start laboring over which hair style you want for the New Year. Everyone wants to spice up their lives by switching up their current style, and what better way to do that than to watch and learn all the new hairstyle trends for 2016 from our favorite celebrities on the Red Carpet.

Every year we anticipate which of the hottest trends will pop up on stars during the award season, and each year, the celebrities never fail to surprise us. Already we have seen hair styles ranging from effortless wavy hair on Kate Hudson to the refined side part and up-do on Jennifer Lawrence. In the mix, we also had strong, sexy braids from celebs like Rooney Mara and Maria Menounos. Not to mention classic, voluminous up-dos from stars like Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, and Jaimie Alexander. Cleary some celebrities are continuing to amaze us and forge their own paths in fashion; however, there are enough stars that we can confidently predict most of the hair trends we will see being rocked at the upcoming Oscars.

One trend I think will be very prominent at this, the most elegant of award shows; will be the slicked back, modern hair style. Anne Hathaway has been known to sport this style often and it is becoming more and more common to see. This style can be done with any length hair, although we mostly see it on pixie cuts. This look ranges from severely gelled to a lighter more serum based slick. This look can be easily replicated; whether it is for a night out on the town or you just want to impress your boss with your professionalism at work, this slicked back style is the way to go.

Another very structured style we expect to see at the Oscars is the middle part. Parting your hair down the center gives a sleek and formal style that takes us back a few decades. This classic look is easily incorporated into your everyday hair style and might be the subtle change you have been wanting.

Speaking of jumping back a few decades, the retro 60’s up-dos are making their comeback in this year’s award show season and we couldn’t be happier. Katy Perry already rocked the beehive look (using a Bumpit if you can believe it) at the Golden Globes this season and we expect and hope to see more of that at the Oscars. Other celebs like Rachel McAdams and Lady Gaga glammed up with Old Hollywood inspired looks which were absolutely stunning.

To go along with the Old Hollywood looks, I anticipate that many stars will opt for the retro waves that were so prominent on movie stars back in the day, think Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard. The beachy waves trend is finally coming to a close after a few years and now our starlets will get back to the roots with the more classical and elegant curls. This look is easily replicated for a nice dinner or date night.
We are excited to see these new trends at the Oscars, and of course we are looking forward to that one surprising hairstyle that we know some celeb will shock us all with.

Michael Boychuck Talks Oscars 2016
Michael Boychuck Talks Oscars 2016