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Hairstylists Are in High Demand Worldwide

Hairstylists Are in High Demand

Creativity, imagination, flair, very deft fingers, technique, the drive to stay updated with changing trends and loads of real experience…much like any other artist; a good hairstylist needs all these qualities. Yes, hairstyling is a very practical art that’s in heavy demand across the world. After all, virtually everyone everywhere has to get their hair cut and styled every few weeks, don’t they!

Ask any stylish personality and they will tell you that a good hairstylist who knows how to cut and style hair to enhance a client’s best facial features is worth his or her weight in gold. Well, that may be a bit of an overstatement but the fact remains that top hairdressers rake in high packages from their employers. Of course, like all other careers, one starts at the bottom as a trainee or an intern, and gradually works his or her way up by learning, practicing and perfecting their craft.

What do hairstylists do
Cutting, styling, straightening, coloring, highlighting, adding hair extensions, advising on how to maintain and care for one’s hair and scalp, and how to use which hair care products – a hairstylist does it all. Some hairstylists are also specialist wig makers. Actually, hairstyling is an integral part of the rapidly growing global beauty industry at large and offers excellent career opportunities to the skilled and trained hair styling professionals.

  Why are hairstylists in demand
Special occasions or everyday moments, who does not want to look their best? Hair, our crowning glory, plays a key role in creating and enhancing our ‘look’. People pay a premium to get their hair styled for high point occasions like weddings, red carpet events or soirees. In this digital era of selfies, instant social media posting, 24/7 TV channels and incessant paparazzi, everyone wants to look good every minute of the day. Add to it the ever growing entertainment industry where hairstyles are as much under the lens as the makeup for creating a good and authentic production, and we see hairstylists’ demand chart rising. Plus, factor in the overall rising trend of seeking image consultancy to create a better impression, be it boardroom or dance floor or a dinner date, and we can discern that a good hairstylist up with the current crowning trends is a professional whose services are always much in demand.

Work avenues for trained hairstylists
Terra firm or on cruise ships, single establishments or large or small chains, all salons and spas have hairstylists on their rolls to give their clients complete beauty care services. The fashion industry with its photo shoots and fashion shows too needs hairstylists. The entertainment or performance arts industry – film, television and theater – also requires hairstylists on their makeup team. Celebrities too often hire a personal hairstylist to look after their manes. Many hairstylists, after gathering a few years’ experience, turn freelancers and work on assignment basis. Some turn entrepreneurs to set up their own salons and in turn offer opportunities to budding hairstylists by creating further employment avenues.

You will agree that being a hairstylist is quite a cutting edge career!