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Summer Hair Styling Accessories

Most Glamorous Summer Hair Styling Accessories

Women could sometimes put too much effort on being beautiful with the makeup they wear, giving their full attention towards the face. However, the hair can actually highlight one’s entire appearance. Considering that it is something you always carry around, the way it is done and your sense of hairstyle can be an effortless means of becoming attractive. More so, hair that’s adorned with trendy accessories livens up hair and gives it an incredibly glamorous twist, depending on the accessory of your choice. Come out bold and daring with sleek and brilliant accents. Give a subtle impression with delicate embellishments that may be tiny yet totally stand out. Make your own fashion statement by simply putting your very own unique accessory on your hair, even when undone, and let the unexpected surprise you and everyone else! Get a gorgeous look with summer hair styling accessories inspired by big stars and those brought forth from the runway.

Flower Accessories

Flower garlands make for a perfect crowning glory. Placed on top of the head across your forehead over loosely worn hair, you will have the look of a young girl or goddess, and oh-so pretty. Try feathery textured pastel colors, a headpiece with vividly colored petals, and a crown with various flower shapes.

You may have the hairstyle of the rich and famous, with hair pulled back with a small bun and elegantly layered with flowers at the bottom. It also gives a romantic feel. Floral combs run through hair just above the bun strengthen femininity. You may opt for one huge flower at the top left or right of your head, or a small, glittering crystal flower accent relaxed amidst hair.

Leather Accessories

Pulling back hair in a ponytail is no everyday look now with the enhanced, modern look given by modern leather clasps. It can be the traditional wrap around pony tail at the nape of the neck like a small buckle, or leather binding that wraps hair going all the way to the tip. Black leather headbands go along with matted brushed up hair for a cool, strong and striking look. Studded and colored leather headbands give a modern yet regal look, with timeless elegance.

Hair Combs and Clips

A clip in gold, silver, or metallic in a myriad of shapes, ornate combs, barrettes, and any other clip accessory design go well with any hair-do. Butterfly, tortoise, crocodile, shells, stars, and any other creature or object created with intricate details on a hair clip. You can put it on the side or at the back, for a quite stylish decorative hair. Spread tiny objects on braided hair. You can go for minimalist types that look like a mere element of simplicity that brings out true beauty. It adds some color and a hint of luxury in an instant!


Silk scarves or any other type, plain or with pattern designs, and any color of your choice, are best wrapped around the small bun at the back of tied back hair. With the long ends left dangling and flowing freely, you achieve a sophisticated look. You can also wrap it around a top knot bun twisted into a turban.