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Hair Contouring According to Face Shape

In beauty, many people associate contouring in the context of applying makeup to create optical illusions on the face accentuating the jaw line, cheekbones and nose. But the year 2015 hair contouring has become quite popular. Today there are new techniques for hair contouring. We recommend contouring the hair by applying dark and light tones, which will create shadows and depth as well as using color in particular spots of the hair, you can fully alter either a whole face shape or a particular area. You can also experiment with different colors for different face shapes. To outline the visage to perfection simply follow the following guide when dealing with various face shapes.

Round shapes:

Round faces usually contain strong bone structure; therefore light tones are best suited along the hairline, start and work from one ear to the other ear. Darker tones are painted below the ears and onto the lower ends of the hair. Applying along the hair line brightens and lengthens the face, and painting on the ends of the hair offers a more balanced facial shape.

Oval shapes:

Think about an oval face, it is well suited for mostly all colors and styles. Oval shapes are ideal for hair contouring. To highlight this face shape even more, always consider including depth with thick texture, color and shine.

Oblong shapes:

For oblong face shapes, deeper tones are used and micro emphasize pieces which are threaded from the upper sides of the ears to the ends of the hair, giving the face the effect of being slimmer and more angular.

Square shapes:

Square faces contain wider facial characteristics; hence multi light and dark tonal layers which are used around the corners of the face and on the jaw line to soften the lines as well as add a ton of depth.

Heart shapes:

Heart shaped faces are an inverted triangle type, to make this shape appear more oval shape, you could add lighter pieces along the jaw line and ears to soften the face on the bottom.

It is important to recognize that everyone has a specific face shape and the perfect lighting, color and shading can assist in flattering, supporting and improving their shape. Hair contouring is necessarily for offering shape to various facial areas and improving the facial structure. It was really started by applying makeup, but it is also quite popular now to use both dark and light tones with hair color to create depth and shadows. This can be used in particular areas to fully change either a whole face shape or even small areas.

Hair contouring is an excellent method for offering a glossier, healthier hair and establishing tone and depth to better emphasize hair. There is also a hair color contouring guide for all face shapes and available for you to follow and study. It is important when working with your clients to pay attention to their skin tone and check which colors and tones will enable their features to pop and offer the healthiest glow for their hair.