Bridal Hair 2016

Bridal Hair Trends 2016

Michael Boychuck Talks Spring 2016- Hottest Bridal Hair Trends

Usually we can count on the runway to give us some crazy inspiration for our wardrobe, makeup, hair styles and yes even wedding looks. While some may think bridal looks cannot really change much from year to year, I would say think again. Every year the trends become more bold and creative and this spring surely will not disappoint. The hottest trends are still traditional in some sense of the word, but usually have surprising twists to make them pop.

We can start with the traditional up-do. This season, it will be highly teased and very voluminous. This look takes the old Victorian and Grecian romantic and elegant styles and makes them modern. With hair this big and attention grabbing, it is best to have a simple dress.

Sleek Chignon is another classic yet completely breathtaking look. This style is not only polished but elegant and very ballerina-like. What makes this chignon stand out from other years is the incorporation of accessorizing pins, mostly in the form of butterfly’s or flowers. So there is now a way to take the silly little girl we all have inside of us and give her a moment as well. This look is perfectly balanced between young and refined.

Another Chignon that is even more contemporary is the looped coiffure. The idea behind this one is really simple ladies; this basically resembles a pony tail that is half done. This is very easy to create but also needs to be done carefully. The front of the hair should have a center part and should look as though it is being pulled back into a smooth, precise bun. In the back, however, it will be a loop instead, held stiffly with some pins. This looks great with a tiara or veil.

The last up-do we will talk about is a low hanging ponytail. Some may be thinking “a ponytail on my wedding day, really?” Yes really. This isn’t your typically running to the store or going to the gym ponytail. I’m talking about a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Loosely sweep the top of your hair back at the crown of your head, then pull some wispy strands down to frame your face. With curled, straight or wavy hair, this look is very sophisticated and perfectly accompanies an iconic white dress.

Similar to the low ponytail, braids are also going to make a reappearance as a hot trend this spring. They will be shown in a variety of ways but may favorite would have to be this first one.

Whimsical Braids will allow for some very intricate accessories maybe for a dress on the more subtle side. Hair is parted down the middle and pulled into a cascading braid going down the center of the back. Weave in some beads, pearl, flowers, branches… whatever you would like really and you will achieve a romantic and enchanting look.

Clearly most of the bridal hair trends are up-dos this year, but there is one I would like to share for those of you who simply like to let your hair down.

In gown collections this season we see a lot of romantic and bohemian vibe dresses. Well now we have the perfect hairstyle to go with these flowy gowns: Bohemian Locks. Wear big curls long and loose with the front pieces pulled back loosely on both sides. Add in a few small braids and this look will look carefree and gorgeous.

Overall, we see braids, pins in the forms of butterfly clips, white insects and white flowers, branches, beads, pearls and pretty much anything you want as hair accessories. Mostly we have up-dos but there are some dresses out there that look best with hair worn down. We really like the new spins that are being taken on traditional wedding looks and think this seasons looks are rockin’!

Bridal Hair 2016
Bridal Hair 2016
bridal hair 2016 trends
Bridal Hair 2016 Trends