Hot Hair Trends Spring 2016 – Celebrity Approved by Michael Boychuck

Michael Boychuck Talks Hot Hair trends for Spring 2016 – Celeb Approved

Spring signifies newness. It is a time for fresh starts, new opportunities and even new lifestyles. Why do you think the term “spring cleaning” exists? I think it is because we want to make room in our hectic lives for new and exciting things. People do this in many different ways, cleaning definitely being one of them, but another very common change people make in the springtime has to do with their hair.

Now some individuals are not the types to get all crazy with their hair style and color, but everyone wants to make some changes every spring. Some common changes are simply to change the hair color, add some highlights, cut the hair to be short or if it is short, grow it out to be nice and long. But I’m going to tell you about a few individuals who are opting for the more adventurous trends this season.

Rainbow bangs are a very hot trend this spring and we can see many celebs opting for this style. Keke Palmer made a bold statement with her baby blue bangs which look great with her dark hair. This was a great way to incorporate color without going full on rainbow. Model Amber Le Bon also went for the rainbow bangs trend but decided to incorporate shades of pink, orange and yellow. The blend of these colors looks like the perfect way to ring in spring. Zendaya also embraced this trend by added streaks of neon blue and purple to her dark bangs.

Another trend that celebrities are flocking to is the old dip dye method. We can see this on Miranda Lambert with her soft pink tips. This color looks great with her blonde hair and gives a rebellious pop of color. Another Blake Shelton honey, Gwen Stefani, also showed off her sharp blue, purple and black tips. This is a stark contrast to the platinum blonde she’s got going on, but definitely makes a statement. Victoria Secret model, Gigi Hadid also joined in on the fun by dipping some of her lovely blonde tips into baby blue dye for a look that is very soft and gentle. The great thing about the dip dye method is you can go with whatever color you want and as soon as you grow tired, just cut the ends off and you’re good as new!

The next trend I want to talk about is called Ronze. It is seen on many celebrities such as Julianna Moore, Rihanna and Eva Longoria. It is basically a hair color made from mixing cooper red and bronze brown. Made for redheads, it works great for all complexions, you just have to figure out what undertone looks best on you. You can ask for amber tones, more vibrant red or even blue undertones if you want to be like Rihanna.

The last trend I’d like to talk about is called Babylights. It’s definitely a weird name, but the concept is great. It’s a technique of applying very fine strands of color throughout the hair with meche or plastic wrap. It gives the hair a great, multidimensional effect. Basically like natural highlights but with a smoother and more gradual change than an ombre. It works great on any shade and is very easy to maintain.

Now that you have some knowledge of the hottest hair trends, all you have to do is pick your favorite color and favorite trend, stop in to see me at Color Salon and you’re ready for spring!

Michael Boychuck Hair Trends Spring 2016
Michael Boychuck Hair Trends Spring 2016


Michael Boychuck Hair Trends Spring 2016
Michael Boychuck Hair Trends Spring 2016