Hair Styling Hacks


Hair Styling Hacks for 2015 from the Experts

Hair Styling that can change the way your hair looks

Looking good is everyone’s concern. And this means being aware of the latest hair styling hacks aside from fashionable clothes and good grooming in general. This 2015 there are certain hair styling hacks that can change the way your hair looks and how you look in general.

Let’s reveal a couple of hacks you would certainly love. If your hair has thin strands and you want to give it more volume, you can simply blow dry your hair upside down and this can do wonders to it. If you want to have a more tousled and carefree look for your hair, you can start curling it with a curling iron in the middle not the end. Curling at the end will give you the traditional-looking sausage curls.

There are also different styles that are meant for short hair alone. sleek way to deal with your bangs is to put bobby pins on it. Simply put one bobby pin on it with the open end facing up; then form a V shape through slipping another bobby pin in a downward angle in the looped end of the first pin. You can repeat it as much as you want. If you like to have a beach texture to your hair, you can create your own salt spray in your own home. All you have to do for you to have your own salt sea spray is to mix about 20 ounces of seltzer water then mix it with one teaspoon of sea salt preferably in a spray bottle. Voila you have your own sea spritz spray at home. Another trouble-free way to get a natural look for your hair is to blow dry it by 50 percent then leave the rest of it to dry in the air. This will prevent your hair to get damaged by heat and it also saves you from using electricity.

This season long hair is back, and it doesn’t matter if it is tightly knotted or left to dangle with curls at the end. The first style for long hair happens to be the Boho waves. These are waves that are barely there that runs down smoothly which is a good match for sheer and pastel dresses and blouses, giving any woman that bohemian look. Ponytails are so back in the picture. It can be done in a high and sleek style to the looser and lower part of the head. In some instances they can even be falling out. Braids and twists are also a trend again. You can enjoy rope braids again or the classic plaits.

The same long hair style is not meant for women though. Even men should now go for long hair fashion. All you have to do is to visit the salon regularly so we can help you grow it properly, trimming it regularly. Men can also choose to take off all of it. Always make sure that you let the sides go shorter than the top. This is to avoid what is known as the tennis ball head.