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Hair structures | Life Cycles | Hair Types

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The Ultimate Haircut

Advanced Cutting Techniques

Women’s Multi-Technique Haircut

Men’s Fashion Haircut

The Art of the Dry Haircut

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Premier Color Treatment

Premier Color Treatment

MB Color Application Techniques

The Ultimate Blonde Highlight

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The Ultimate Hair Course

Professional Premier Hair Course

The super-intense, ultimate course is the total package. It provides an impressive portfolio that includes: the hair styling course plus the premier hair course, which includes specialized techniques, trendiest styles, blow drying and straightening techniques, proper product selection, cutting-edge equipment, hair science and so much more. Additionally, celebrity colorist Michael Boychuck and his team will teach the exclusive secrets they use on their elite clientele. You will learn directly from Michael himself how to give the perfect color services that inspires his celebrity clientele, such as Paris Hilton, Leann Rimes and dozens more, to keep on coming back. Michael has also included his tips and secrets behind base color, highlights, various color techniques and more! This course is designed for those who want to take their career to a higher level and increase their client base. The Ultimate Hair Course also includes the exclusive marketing chapter in which Michael Boychuck and his team reveal their secrets to success to help you reach for the stars

Hair styling isn’t all about cutting those locks and styling it right. There’s a lot more to it and this includes various chemical treatments such as straightening, coloring and more. There are a number of online hair courses that you can opt for, however the courses that Michael Boychuck has to offer are different and enable you to expand your business in the most effective ways.
Enhance Your Hair Styling Techniques with Professional Hair Courses
The ultimate hair course is a professional hair styling course that focuses on the various aspects of hair coloring. This technique might seem easy, but there are number of tricks involved and when these tricks are used in the right manner, you’ll learn the art of professionally coloring your client’s hair in a way you never thought possible. Apart from coloring, this course also focuses on mastering the art of blow drying, straightening and hair styling. The ultimate hair styling course is one of the best solutions for those who plan on starting a business and establishing a career in the hair styling industry.
This ultimate hair course is taught under the guidance of Michael Boychuck himself and he lets you in on all the tricks and secrets that will help you work on your client’s hair in a professional manner. The results that you’ll see post learning this course is different from other hair styling salon and this is what will make you stand out and stay ahead of the competition.
Learn From the Master
Michael Boychuck has a number of celebrity clients that visit him on a regular basis and swear by his hair styling and coloring solutions. The way he uses color and other products on his client’s hair is unique and thus the results are a lot better than most salons in the market. By taking up the ultimate hair course, you’ll learn the art from the master and you can later increase your clientele using those techniques. Whether its highlights or global hair coloring, no one knows it better than Michael Boychuck and this course helps you do it the way he does. It’s time you increase your skill set and learn some of the most advanced hair styling techniques the easy way. These online courses are designed keeping in mind flexibility and time restraints that you might face. Since you don’t have to be physically present in a class, this course is easy to enroll in and complete.
The ultimate hair course of for professionals who want to expand their business and increase their clientele. The best part about this course is that at the end of it, you’re rewarded with Michael Boychuck’s secrets on how he works with the stars to make them look as glamorous as they do. He also helps you connect with them so you can have a celebrity clientele. Check out the online hair courses that are offered and choose one that you think will benefit you most.