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Hair structures | Life Cycles | Hair Types

Learn Professional Equipment | Tools

Learn Professional Products

Blow Dry Styling | Techniques

Straightening Styling | Techniques

Evening Red Carpet Hair Style

Model Photography Hair Style

Bridal Classic | Couture Hair Styles

Men’s Fashion Hair Style

Men’s Long Hair Style

Princess Bow Hair Style

Renaissance Bun Hair Style

Mermaid Braid Hair Style

Vintage Hair Style

Fantasy Braid Hair Style

Runway Braid Hair Style

Halo Braid Hair Style

The Ultimate Haircut

Advanced Cutting Techniques

Women’s Multi-Technique Haircut

Men’s Fashion Haircut

The Art of the Dry Haircut

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Premier Color Treatment

Premier Color Treatment

MB Color Application Techniques

The Ultimate Blonde Highlight

Color Product Selection

Color Do’s and Dont’s




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Master Hair Course

Snip Away With A Professional Master Hair Course

In addition to learning the hottest hair cuts and techniques, you will also learn about quality products and tools including how to select the best tools for you kit such as scissors, brushes and much more. We are excited for our newest addition to this course which is our specialized marketing chapter which includes client building, blogging, client retention and much more.

If you’re into the beauty industry and you’re looking to grow your business, you need to master some techniques that will help you enhance your skills and get better than the others you’re in competition with. Michael Boychuck offers the number one online professional hair class which will enable you to learn some of the latest hair cutting techniques for men and women. This one of a kind master hair course also includes a specialized marketing chapter to teach individuals how to run a profitable business and the skills needed to establish a brand. We have included some of the best ways to do this is by learning skills that will ensure you’re different and a lot more professional as compared to the competition you’re facing.

Become a Pro with Scissors
The Master Hair Course that Michael Boychuck has to offer is one of the but choices for those who are looking to master the latest techniques, skills and styles that help you understand the precision involved with haircuts. It lets you on all the secrets that secrets that will help you get in sync with some of the latest and most stylish trends. This professional hair course has been created especially for those who want to learn the advanced haircuts and styles. The master course Michael Boychuck has to offer teaches you techniques that professionals use on their celebrity clientele. Michael Boychuck shares some of his secrets that he’s learnt from many years of experience and let out some handy tips and tricks that will enable you to work like a pro. This professional hair class enable you to learn the art of growing your business and established name in the market.

Learn To Style with Style
The master course doesn’t just teach you how to master some of the best hair cutting and styling skills, but it also helps you to expand, increase your clientele and promote yourself as a brand. The learning experience that you get by enrolling into this professional hair class, is that don’t just enhance your skill sets but also ensure you manage to grow and succeed. At the end of this course, you’ll get a certification that enables you to increase the services you provide thus increasing footfall.
You’ll find a number of professional hair classes that you could choose from, however the master hair course that Michael Boychuck offers is different and a lot more streamlined. This course lets you in on secrets that no other course can offer. What’s more, you’re learning from a professional who has an established name in the market and ensures you can grow your business in a more efficient manner after the completion of this course. Since all the courses Michael Boychuck has to offer are online courses, these courses don’t need you to forfeit your daily life or attend classes at a fixed time. You can learn as ad when you like and this means you won’t have to shut business just so you stay focused on what the course has to offer. The lessons are simple and it’s easy to pick up.