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Hair Color Spring 2015 Trends


Hair Color Spring 2015 Trends

As spring trends enter, a new hair color might be just the perfect thing you need in order to start the new season right.

Likewise, your strands might be looking a little dull, because of the winter havoc you’ve just experienced, and it’s now time to spice up your hue and be a little more adorable and attractive.

There are a lot of hair colors you can try this season, but we’ll give you the top hair color spring trends that even famous celebs wear. Read on to find out!

Copper Red

Do you remember the days when red was considered as a wild color? In fact, you didn’t even imagine that you’re going to see a number of celebs sporting this color at an awards show. Well, times have changed and red one of the most popluar of the hair Color Spring 2015 Trends. This color can work on anyone, with just the little tinkering of the shade.

Famous Celebs with Copper Red Hair:
Emma Stone
– Julliane Moore


Caramel Blonde

If you’re blonde and you’re thinking of getting a highlight, then here’s a friendly advice for you. Opt for a warm, buttery, or caramelly tones similar to what Karlie Kloss has. Once they’re blended in, request for more blending, in order to avoid it from resembling an ombre or dreaded striping. Also, the summer sun will keep your hair color looking fresh, and there’s no need to go on appointments every now and then, just to maintain the color.

Famous Celebs with Caramel Blonde Hair:
Poppy Delevingne
– Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
– Bar Rafaeli
– Diane Kruger

Monotonal Brunette

Good news for brunettes out there– especially to those who have spent most of their winter days out of the sun. For this season, you should keep the dark solid color you already have.

Famous Celebs with Monotonal Brunette Hair:
Katie Holmes
– Anne Hathaway
– Felicity Jones
-Olivia Munn

Noticeable Roots

Interested in trying blonde highlights, but you still want to be a little edgy at the same time? Then, you should try leaving some roots. These don’t serve as your typical highlights, because the darker the roots you have, the more edgy it becomes. This style would also save you from frequent trips to the salon.

Famous Celeb with Noticeable Roots:
Sarah Hyland

Deep Brown

No need to go lighter this spring 2015, because rich brown is the trend this season. Women should consider chocolate brown, especially for spring. Just imagine chocolate, as well as soft pieces of lighter brown surrounding the face. This will give the dimension you need in a natural way.

Famous Celeb with Deep Brown Hair:
– Selena Gomez


Natural Highlights

Multiple colors of highlights are in this spring, because it’ll give you an all-over bright look. Likewise, natural tones with a dramatic effect will also be a part of spring 2015

Famous Celeb with Natural Highlights:
– Beyonce


If you’re a risk taker, then you wouldn’t be afraid of trying an “out of this world” hair color, such as grey. This especially is for those who are aiming for a cool, yet bold look. If you want to stand out, this one’s for you.

Famous Celeb with Grey Hair:
Kylie Jenner

These are just some of the hair color spring trends this 2015. We hope that you find this guide useful, inspiring you to have a new look this season!