Summer Hair Trends by Michael Boychuck

Celebrity Summer Hair Trends 2016 - by Michael Boychuck

Summer is finally here! That means it is time to break out all the daring hair styles that you have been pinning for months now. We know that everyone waits for this sizzling season to change up their looks and get a little outside of their comfort zone. That is why we want to help guide you by talking about a few hair trends that you need to know for this summer, and of course the celebrities who are sporting these styles.

As we’ve seen previously, vintage looks are very much in right now; whether it is fashion, music or hair styles. This hair style screams of the mid ‘90s Cindy Crawford look. The style titled “shag-a-delic” has the perfect level of dishevelment that summer weather demands. Celebs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Selena Gomez have adopted this unkempt style. Similar to the beach waves but shoulder-length, I suggest using beach spray and scrunching the hair to add to the messy look.

The next look is the “long layers” which is a little different cut than you would imagine. Instead of cutting straight lines, stylists point cut vertical sections of the hair in large pieces. This removes split ends and gives a soft yet ragged edge to the hair. This look is very natural and organic for the summer months and also lends itself to a variety of cool accessories and up-dos. Some celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Ciara have been seen rocking this look in slight variations.

The next look I am seeing more and more of is called “baby bangs”. Keke Palmer and Asia Chow have both been spotted with this daring bang look. Although bangs don’t really scream summer style, these are easy to manage, not heavy and very adorable. They are only about an inch to an inch and half and work on any length hair. They aren’t meant for everyone, so make sure you have the spacious forehead you need to pull these off. This look definitely embodies the fun and flirtatious feelings of summer.

Taylor Swift and Rhianna are some of our biggest celebrities, so when they are sharing the same hairstyle, you know it’s got to be a new summer hair trend. Not to mention cuties like Lily Collins and Zendaya also rocking the same style. The “bob” comes in various forms but this summer, it will make its appearance in its classic form. Cut straight across just under the chin, this style provides a cooling relief to those of us who are used to having hair scarfs constantly on our necks and shoulders. In the summer, this is a very easy style to maintain because of the strong shape that is cut into the hair. It allows everything to fall into place with minimal effort. Worn with or without bangs, this look also is great in straight hair or waves.

In this season, there are so many more upcoming hair trends this summer that are made for individuals with crazy curls. Body beautiful allows curly hair to run wild. No flat irons or blow-dryers, simply throw in some curl primer to your wet curls and finish with some frizz-fighting balm. This air dried look is not only effortless and fun, but allows you to embrace the texture and big hair that your mama gave you!

Summer Hair Trends 2016

Summer Hair Trends 2016


Hair Trends Summer 2016

Hair Trends Summer 2016

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