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Essential hair styling tools and equipment you need in your toolkit

Hair styling tools play an essential part in any hairstylist life. Like any other profession, hairstylists need first to understand the different types of hair styling tools we have in the market, which are really important, and how they can use them efficiently. Before purchasing any of the tools, one important thing is that product’s quality is always top-notch. These hair styling tools will last years when kept well and become an extension of you. 

At Michael Boychuck Online Hair Academy, each course gives a brief introduction to all the essential hair styling tools needed by the professional hairstylist and how they can use them. This allows them to become fully aware of the latest equipment used in the industry. 

Essential hair styling tools and equipment you need in your toolkit

#1 Hair styling tool – All-Purpose Shears

Shears are, unarguably, the essential tool of a hairdresser. These are also known as straight shears and are ideally two standard sizes for the cutting 4.5-5.5 inches long and 6-7 inches long. The standard size is 5.5 to 6.5 inches depending upon the results and cut. Short sheers are best for more detailed cuts. These scissors are mainly used for the “scissors over finger” technique. One of the main things to note is the length of the scissors should be the same as the length of your hand. 

Blending sheer

These are also known as thining sheer and have a straight cut on one end and evenly spaced teeth on the other. This pair of scissors remove weight from the hair in a fast and easy manner. Depending upon the technique, you can use it to add soft lines or textures to the hair. Look for a scissor with convex blades and an opposing handle that makes them reversible for best results.

Sectioning clips

Sectioning clips are some of the essential tools of a hairstylist. These clips help the hairdresser section out the hair during styling, coloring, or cutting, effectively reducing the efforts. It’s always best to buy clips that offer a high grip. You can always invest in a good dry sectioning clip, as they work for both wet and dry hair.

Blow dryers

A light yet powerful blow dryer is a must-have for a hairstylist. These help you lock shine and moisture in hair while giving you the style you desire. The dryers need to be light, so it doesn’t feel heavy when you lift it for styling. Invest in a good-quality professional hairdryer, something that has cutting-edge ionic technology. These blow dryers are very powerful that speed up drying, which ultimately reduces the heat damage caused to the roots, giving you frizz-free and shiny hair. 

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Most essential hair styling tool, Comb

A hairstylist is incomplete without a good set of combs. You will find plenty of combs in the market today. Your comb set should include a long cutting comb, wide cutting comb, tail comb, and a short cutting comb. When it comes to choosing the material, never go for cheap plastic combs. Instead, select the professional combs made from carbon fibers, graphite resins or silicone, for better glide. These combs can even stand high temperatures, so they are perfect when you are blow-drying the hair. As for colors, it is best to opt for black and ivory to give you a much-needed contrast in dark and light hair.

Round Barrel brush

It is an absolute necessity to learn blowouts. The barrel in these brushes is made from metal and is used alongside blow dryers. This metal part, when heats up, gives an amazingly soft curl effect to the hair. You can also use round brushes to tame frizzy hair and add some bounce and volume to them. They come in various sizes, and it’s essential to pick the appropriate size fit for the particular style you are going with. If you want to give a loose wave or straight look, go with the large barrel brush. A medium barrel brush gives fullness at the bottom, and a small barrel brush is appropriate for short hair. 

Curling rod

Start building your hairstylist tool kit with a 1″ curling rod. This is most versatile due to its small barrel size; you can create many different looks. In addition, you can combine other techniques to build those curls and hairstyles.

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Hair straightener

Want to give your clients a myriad of pretty looks? Get a hair straightener. One piece of equipment does it all, waves, straighten, curls, crimps, and any hairstyle you would like to have.

These are just some essential tools that can create a lot of difference in the hairstylist’s life. When purchasing the equipment, make sure to buy only the professional range. They may be a little expensive but will last for quite a long time. In addition, they also provide you with the results that will blow up your mind. 

Here at Michael Boychuck’s online hair schoolwe explain all these tools and their areas of use in our online hairstylist course. This may seem complicated, but our professional makes it really simple and easier for you to understand. We provide different masterclasses, and every course cover this topic, so you don’t feel like you have missed out on anything important. After completing the hairstylist course, you will be given a certificate announcing the completion and your performance and achievement in the hairstyling industry.