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Eyeliner Trends Spring 2015


Michael Boychuck and his Team Talk Eyeliner Trends Spring 2015

Eyes are one of the major aspects of your beauty. Thus, you always need proper eye makeup like eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, etc. to adorn yourself. The eyeliner trends of the current year of 2015 will follow new dimensions; here at the Michael Boychuck Academy we are excited to fill you in on the upcoming trends.

You need to follow the latest make-up trends to make yourself look more attractive and glamorous this spring. Attractive day and night makeup are to be applied to your eyes and other parts of your face to look beautiful.

The black colored eye liner has been a traditional choice for the eyes. However, these eye liners are most suitable when you are wearing various lipstick shades, like red lipstick for example is a great choice to wear with black eyeliner.


How to apply the eye liner perfectly?

You always need to choose the perfect color and styles for the eyeliners to complete your makeup look. But proper application of eye liner can be quite tricky. Once you get more accustomed to it, you can wear it yourself as well apply on others as an expert make-up artist.

Primarily you can use a spoon or a tape to draw the perfect lines. There are various methods to draw these lines perfectly on your eyelashes. In order to get more ideas about these various designs, you can browse through 2015 fashion websites or magazines.

What are the best colors?

You can always choose the best colors suitable for your eyes. Apart from black, there are also many other eyeliner colors like brown, golden, silver, blue and even white. The eye liner color needs to match with the color of lipstick and other makeup such as blush, eye shadow,  lip liner, etc. on your face.

In this way you can look more fashionable and modern. These colors also need to match with the color dress or outfit you will be wearing. The design of the outfits is also a considerable factor when choosing your eye liner color and style.

To look like a true fashionista, you can also use a combination of eyeliner colors on your eyes. Try to impart a smokier look to your eyes with these perfect color combinations as per the latest eyeliner trends Spring 2015.

You also need to wear very fashionable outfits in order to match with the mixed eyeliner color combinations. These outfits must also match with the eyeliner trends of the year 2015. If you are wearing traditional, casual or official outfits, then it advisable to wear mono-colored eye liners like black, brown or blue.

Thus, multi-colored eye liner combinations are also suitable for parties, clubs and extra special occasions.

What are the accessories?

The best eyeliner accessories should also be used in order to make perfect lines over your eye lashes. It is always advisable for you to use eyeliners and accessories from the top brands in the makeup industry.

Prices of the makeup items from these reputed brands might be a bit higher, but the quality is far better than the cheaper brands. Top quality eyeliners will never impose any harmful effects to your eyelashes, eyes and skin even with regular applications, here at the Michael Boychuck Academy we highly advise quality products.

The color of these liners can be washed out very easily with face washes. Then, you need to apply a little bit cleanser to wipe the color out.

Thus, you can look fashionable by following the latest eyeliner trends Spring 2015.