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What You – The Hair Stylist – Should Know For Your Client

What You – The Hair Stylist – Should Know For Your Client

You – the hair stylist – have all the power that you can use to create some magic for the hair hence it’s no surprise that your clients look up to you (to some point begging for a dose of fabulous hair). Though you have your tools oiled and sealed, keep in mind that the clients’ hair also plays a key factor for a magic result. To help you – the hair stylist – here’s what you should know (and tell) your clients.

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Sometimes, getting that great hair can’t be achieved in one session. It takes time, sweat and patience for the look you’re going for. Communication is the key as you need to tell them exactly what to expect as the clients tend to have a rather unrealistic expectations

(I remember when the girls raved about Rihanna’s asymmetrical hairdo).

Rihanna’s asymmetrical hairdo

Tell them and ask them if they’re willing to maintain it. If your client asks for a wash and go style, tell them what to expect and (in a gentle manner) be realistic with what their natural hair can do – not many individuals have that sleek and shiny hair that can have a wash and go treatment and still look fabulous afterwards.
The same thing also goes if your client has had treatments done before – how long the length of the hair has been subjected to hair treatments (such as highlights and perms) and lastly they get it done; hair color that’s suitable with their natural hair color, and etc. – it’s daunting, but essential to let the clients know in order to have a realistic expectation.

It’s no surprise that sometimes your client may cringe at the sight of the products displayed, complete with the price tag. Explain to them that these exclusive salon-grade hair products are the true-strength that will help you to create that magic for the hair. Plus these products come from trusted companies that paid chemists to work a formulation suitable for the tresses better than what you see in Walgreens – how can you not acknowledge their hard work?

One thing that clients seem not to realize is their hair ages too. Blame it on the hormones, diets, medications of life-threatening treatments – the hair is still vulnerable to these drastic experiences just as well as the skin would. It’s essential to let the clients know the current condition of their hair and recommend anti-aging hair products and the right hair-styling suitable for them.

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The key of a good hair stylist is to show the clients how you cut and styled their hair, as well as giving them guidance in using the right hair care products for a maximum effect. You don’t want the clients to come back and complain or worse, they’d switch to someplace else. Plus, these follow-up services will make you look like you know the drill in the business (which you should!)