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5 Pointers that you need to remember to achieve a Flawless Bridal Makeup application

The goal is to make your client look simply fabulous that her guests will sigh with appreciation which is certainly one of her main goals on her wedding day. But unlike other average every day makeup looks that the bride is used to wearing, creating a perfect, memorable look for her wedding is not as easy to be achieved within a day – you need weeks to prepare with her, beforehand. So what to do? Here are the 5 essential tips that you need to do.

The key in making your client the ‘it’ lady on her wedding day is meticulous preparation. That means you need to discuss and decide what kind of look she wants to go for, find out what her style is as and suggest looks that will compliment her style, complexion, and of course (the wedding dress). Have your client also look for celebrity or magazine photos for inspiration until she finds the perfect combination for the entire look.

Bridal Makeup tips
Bridal Makeup tips

Here’s a tip: instruct your client to select at least three different makeup looks, not just one makeup look so that she will have the opportunity to mix or narrow down the options, should she wish. And that includes if she wants a tan for the big day (if a tan is included, plan the foundation shade that matches best and apply it at the makeup trial or a few days before to ensure you get the right shade for her big day).

Keep this rule in mind: On no account should you or the bride make last minute changes on the big day, unless it’s serious case, for example, develop an allergic reaction.

When the makeup look is chosen then great! The next step is to look and select the makeup that will work well for your client and make sure to apply the makeup under a natural light.  Makeup Artist Courses

Fluorescent lamps won’t provide much accuracy and you may end up putting too much color in one place. Another tip: as the brides wedding dress is generally white or off white, short of wearing the dress during makeup session, have your client wear a white t-shirt or makeup a makeup cape to see the overall effect the chosen makeup produced, and to protect from makeup fall out.

Plus, it’s essential that you layer a powder to set the entire makeup and be sure you are using makeup that is long lasting – certainly give your client extra product which is helpful for touch ups, if needed.

makeup tips
makeup tips

It’s a big no-no if you’re thinking that makeup is only applied to your clients face – instead extend entire makeup application down to the neck to even out the color and texture (you don’t want to make your client look like they’re wearing a mask!).

These tips are handy yet a bit challenging (trust me, they are) if you want to apply flawless bridal makeup. If you like, why not enroll into a bridal makeup course so you’ll know what to expect in all areas of bridal makeup application. Hey, even if you’re not planning to specialize in bridal makeup artistry, a good dose of makeup knowledge can be handy in future or even to add on to your current list of services!