The All-Access Salon course includes all of our professional courses packed into one dynamic course. This comprehensive course covers hair styling, cutting, coloring techniques, makeup, facials, skin science, products, ingredients, the art of hairdressing, marketing, and more.

We will empower you to develop the skills you need for a long-term future in the industry. This course is excellent for salon owners and staff, individuals starting out in the industry, or experienced professionals.

Thanks to the experience and teachings of Michael Boychuck, the legendary hair guru, multiple salon owner and educator, careers in hair and beauty industry today can be both personally and financially rewarding.


All access salon course
All access salon course



All Access Salon Course

Michael Boychuck is one the most renounced hair gurus who owns multiple salons. He has a number of celebrities who swear by his services and ensure only he works on their hair. His methods and techniques are different from other hair stylists in the industry and with the number of online beauty courses he’s offering you can learn the technique from the master himself.

All You Need To Know To Run a Successful Salon.

Michael Boychuck offers a complete online beauty course which enables salon owners and staff to enhance their skill sets and learn how to work the way professionals that deal with celebrities work. The all access salon course is a combination of all the professional online beauty courses Michael Boychuck has to offer. This course covers all areas of style, beauty and bridal and enables you to learn the inside secrets and services offered which help you set the competition bar high, thus helping you to grow your business in the most effective manners. The all access salon course covers every detail of hair styling and lets you in on the secrets of how you can style your clients hair in the most professional manner. Hair styling includes cutting, coloring, chemical treatments such as straightening and keratin treatments.

Why Choose Michael Boychuck’s Online Beauty Courses

Michael Boychuck knows how to work with various hair types and no matter how bad your clients hair could be, this course helps you ensure you’ll send them back home smiling. Apart from teaching young professionals how to style hair, it also helps you master the art of makeup, learn various facial methods and understand various skin types. This course is an extensive course that helps you get in depth knowledge of how to run a successful salon. It doesn’t really matter if you’re running a salon or plan t run one, the all access salon course helps you learn everything that you need. You could also enroll your staff for these online beauty courses so they can work well with you and help your salon grow.

The online beauty courses that Michael Boychuck offers are well explained and simple to understand, and you don’t need to have prior experience in the field in order to enroll for the course. If you’ve got the passion and you want to establish a career in the beauty industry then these courses help to pave the perfect path for you. The all access salon course covers all the areas of expertise and if you’ve taken up this course then you will see your business graph go up vertically in not time. Apart from providing you professional solutions, tricks and techniques, Michael Boychuck’s online beauty courses also provide you with a certificate at the end of each course that confirms you’ve learnt from the professional and you’re better than the rest. It also let you in on secrets as to how you can increase your high end clientele and establish a name for yourself in the market.