Whether you want to work at the hottest salon in town or start your own business, we will prepare you for a rewarding career in the industry. The Michael Boychuck academy offers various courses which include the most elite, sought-after, celebrity hair secrets used by Michael and his team on their clients daily. You will also learn how Michael has built and retained his clientele for decades. Additionally, these courses will teach students the proper products, ingredients, tools, how to build your pro kit and more. These courses will give you every tool needed and a license for your success.


The Michael Boychuck Academy is committed to providing high-quality education in the field of Makeup Artistry. We welcome both introductory and advanced artists. Our state-of-the-art professional courses include a variety of techniques used by leading celebrity makeup artists. We pride ourselves in educating professionals seeking careers in fashion, film, television, and more! All of our professional courses are taught by Michael Boychuck and his team of leading professional makeup artist instructors.


The Intensive Professional Facial and Skin Science courses offered at the Michael Boychuck Academy will allow you to become confident and competent by ensuring you understand the skin you’re working on. Students will get an elite facial education with the most sought after skin products and ingredients from around the world. Whether you want to work at the hottest spa in town or start your own business, we will prepare you for a rewarding career in the beauty industry. We have included the most elite celebrity facial and skin secrets from around the world and more.


The Ultimate Bridal Beauty course is the “Total Package” in learning for those students who want to learn everything there is to know about the professional bridal and wedding beauty industry. Students will learn the most sought after bridal hair styles, makeup looks, facial treatments, products, ingredients, and much more. In this course, you will learn how to build your professional bridal hair, makeup, and skin kits; specialized hair and makeup techniques, and more. Michael Boychuck and his team will guide you every step of the way.

The All-Access Salon course includes all of our professional courses packed into one dynamic course. This comprehensive course covers hair styling, cutting, coloring techniques, makeup, facials, skin science, products, ingredients, the art of hairdressing, marketing, and more. We will empower you to develop the skills you need for a long-term future in the industry. This course is excellent for salon owners and staff, individuals starting out in the industry, or experienced professionals.

The advanced makeup artistry course is the ultimate in learning for those students who want to learn everything there is to know about professional makeup artistry. This course includes everything from introductory makeup artistry to advanced artistry. Michael Boychuck and his team of industry leading instructors have worked on some of the most famous faces, red carpets, films, editorials, awards and more.

This Hair Styling Course is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn a wide variety of elite hair styles, celebrity favorites, hair science, advanced blow drying and straightening techniques, proper product selection, necessary equipment, tools and much more. After completing this course, you will know the most current and high-quality services for your new or existing clientele as well as increase clientele and retain clients.

These dynamic courses include a super-intense marketing chapter, which includes secrets and tips from celebrity colorist Michael Boychuck and his team of artists. With over 35 years in the industry, Michael has revealed his secrets to success and how he has retained his clientele for decades. You will also learn various ways to build new clientele, as they will take you behind the scenes and help you reach for the stars.

Welcome to all aspiring beauty experts! If you’re looking for a comprehensive beauty courses that you can get it done just about anywhere on the planet then look no further as you’re in the right place - the first and only international online Michael Boychuck hair, makeup and skin academy.

What exactly is all about?

Get to know with the man himself - Michael Boychuck - who has been behind the scenes styling and creating magic for more than a decade, complete with astounding service and expertise.
What kind of course options do I get if I want to sign up with

Basically, anything that relates to the realm of the beauty - within our academy at, we offer hair, makeup (you can opt for introductory or advanced courses), and skin courses (plus there’s even a course specifically made for bridal niche) designed to include every input and tools needed and specially made for you to prepare and create your own rewarding career.
In each course you will learn to build your own kit, in-depth knowledge on products, ingredients, and techniques, plus special insights from the expert himself where Michael Boychuck will teach you how to build your own customer base and the art of keeping them coming back for more!

And yes, you will learn all of this with the tips of your finger, via online!

Is there any difference between with other beauty courses offered elsewhere?

You bet there is. The unique features that we have in our academy are the courses are designed to be inclusive, worthwhile, and mobile, as long as you have internet connection - the eLearning revolution. Being mobile, you know that your success is very much depends on your work and passion, without any worries of time and money spent back and forth, as what other conventional academies that we see.
The enrollment is open all year round, to suit your own time and preference, and you can redo any streamlined, easy-to-understand lectures, should you wish.
The assignments designed by the course chosen, including written and practical ones will be graded personally by Michael Boychuck and he will give feedback to you personally, so you will learn the ropes and tricks to become an expert in your career.

And being the revered guru of hair and beauty with decades in business, you will learn nothing but the best and the essential for you to differentiate from the rest.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for any online beauty courses at and we look forward to having you in class.

Michael Boychuck hair makeup school

Michael Boychuck hair makeup school

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