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Welcome to the first and only International Online Hair Academy,
The Michael Boychuck Online Hair Academy.

These various courses include the secrets and tips of top Sin City colorist and talent behind Color
Signature Salon in Las Vegas, Michael Boychuck, and his team of artists all within the comfort of your own home.
The Michael Boychuck Online Hair Academy offers unsurpassed quality through an online learning platform with proven methodology. Boychuck’s renowned talents have attracted an unparalleled list of Hollywood’s brightest stars, including clients Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Leann Rimes, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and many more!


Hair Styling Course

Master Hair Course

Premier Hair Course

Quikkies Course

This Hair Styling Course is a must-have for anyone who wants
to learn a wide variety of elite hair styles, celebrity favorites,
hair science, advanced blow drying and straightening
techniques, proper product selection, necessary equipment,
tools and much more. After completing this course, you will
know the most current and high-quality services for your
ew or existing clientele as well as increase clientele and
retain clients. read more

The Premier Hair Course is an exceptional choice for those who not only want to learn all there is to know about hair styling
and the latest techniques, but also learn a vast variety
of many precision haircuts for both men and women. This
course also includes the popular keratin straightening
treatment and advanced cutting techniques that are sought
after daily by many clients. read more

The super-intense, ultimate course is the total package.
provides an impressive portfolio that includes:
the hair styling course plus the premier hair course,
which includes specialized techniques, trendiest styles,
blow drying and straightening techniques, proper
product selection, cutting-edge equipment, hair science
and so much more. read more

In this dynamic course, you will learn everything you need to know about these brand new and exciting Quikkies extensions
so that you can achieve the hair of your clients’ dreams in a
fast and easy manner with absolutely perfect results. These
high-quality extensions are used by Michael Boychuck and his
team on their celebrity clientele, read more

Michael Boychuck


Makeup Products


Michael Boychuck and his salons have received commendable accolades, and he was named one of the top 50 hairstylists in the book by Rick Morton and Las Vegas Colorist of the Decade by leading hair care company Schwarzkopf Professional. Michael Boychuck’s COLOR Salon was named best for luxury by Spa Finder. COLOR Salon was also recognized by Elle magazine
as a top 100 salon. read more


Boychuck’s salons have an impressive list of clientele.
Whether it’s coloring, cutting, makeup or nails, Tinsel
Town’s brightest starlets, including long-time clients and
friends Paris and Nicky Hilton as well as Leann Rimes,
Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Eva Longoria,
Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, and many more have all
experienced Michael’s salons. read more


Michael Boychuck personally handpicks all of the products
he uses in his salons and on his clients.
He only uses the highest quality products in the industry,
and with over 35 years experience in the industry, he
definitely has his favorites! These courses include
you need to know about these high-quality products,
such as Hairdreams USA, Goldwell and Kerastase. read more

These dynamic courses include a super-intense
marketing chapter, which includes secrets and
tips from celebrity colorist Michael Boychuck
and his team of artists. With over 35 years in the
industry, Michael has revealed his secrets to success
and how he has retained his clientele for decades.
You will also learn various ways to build new clientele,
as they will take you behind the scenes and help you
reach for the stars. read more

Online Hair School

The team has included their elite, cutting-edge techniques and the most sought-after
cuts, color, styles, products, Hairdreams hair extensions, equipment, hair
science and much more. You will learn how to work with hair step by step, take
tests, quizzes and assignments and print out all materials, including an intense
and dynamic e-book. You will also receive grades and feedback on all of your
work, and after successfully completing the course of your choice; you will
receive a certificate of graduation upon training completion.

Whether you want to work at the hottest salon in town or start your own business,
we will prepare you for a rewarding career in the industry. Each course includes
the most elite, sought-after, celebrity hair secrets used by Michael and his team on
their clients daily. You will also learn how Michael has built and retained his
clientele for decades.Each course has been designed for a wide variety of
individuals, not only for salons and hair professionals, but also for aspiring
professionals who want to learn this highly advanced education and add new
services to their current professions.

The courses offered at the Michael Boychuck Online Hair Academy are available
for a wide variety of individuals, not only current hair professionals and licensed
cosmetologists. These courses will also give professionals the overall advanced
knowledge to refine and develop their skills, which you will learn exclusively and
directly from celebrity hair guru Michael Boychuck and his team. These courses
will benefit the following professionals: Makeup Artists, Cosmetologists,
Estheticians, Salon and Spa owners, Independent Beauty Consultants,
Manicurists and more!

Online Hair Training